Board of Directors

The Connect Me Board of Directors is a council of former Senior Executive Board Members who oversee and mentor the current Board while guiding the organization forward. The Board of Directors is responsible for maintaining Connect Me’s bylaws, managing finances and approving transactions, overseeing public relations, connecting the alumni network, and supervising the nonprofit’s archives.

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About Us

Meet the Directors

Founder & Chair

Mehmet Tascioglu

Mehmet Tascioglu is a student at Stanford University. He founded Connect Me to support students in maintaining their academic success after witnessing systemic educational inequality during the COVID-19 pandemic, and he served as the nonprofit’s first President. Additionally, Mehmet serves as CEO of the College Treehouse, a media network and college consulting service, and Mosaic Cakes LLC, a food innovation startup. He is also a Board Member of the Assembly of Turkish American Associations, chairing the Youth Committee in which he co-founded, and prior to that served as President of the Turkish American Cultural Association of Michigan’s Youth Chapter. Mehmet would like to pursue a career in healthcare by either opening a medical practice and/or working in the biotech industry.

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Kaustuv Mukherjee

Kaustuv Mukherjee, a student at Princeton University, became involved with Connect Me during its early stages, serving as the Internal Vice President and Chair of the Advertising Department. His other involvements include activities such as The Daily Princetonian, Princeton’s independent daily student newspaper. Kaustuv intends to pursue a career in consulting or investment management after earning a masters degree.

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Director of Public Relations

Camille Johnson

Camille Johnson is a student at Purdue University studying mechanical engineering. She was one of the first members of Connect Me, serving as a tutor at the start before joining the Board as the Director of Admissions and the Chair of the Admissions Committee. Camille leads her university’s robotics team, but aims to return to Michigan after graduating to pursue a career as an Automotive Engineer.

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Director of Archives

Meghana Ramoju

Meghana is a student at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. She joined Connect Me as a tutor in the start of the organization and eventually took on the role as the Director of Applications and the Chair of the Media Committee. Her other pursuits at school include working on the Battery Team for Illini Solar Car, UIUC’s student-run, competitive Solar Powered Vehicle team. Meghana intends to further her education by earning a masters degree in order to pursue a career in Autonomous Systems Integration or Entrepreneurship.

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