Connect Me strives to foster relationships with other organizations that allow for it to further its mission of giving back to the community through tutoring. Below are the names and descriptions of each of our partners.

Focal Haus

Focal Haus is a global digital and web design agency actively partaking in humanitarian causes and provides pro-bono web design and development services to several non-profit organizations every year while donating more than 20% of its income. Focal Haus is both the partner and technology sponsor of Connect Me, and several other non-profits and foundations such as The Ayadee FoundationCALMED, etc.

Hamtramck Public Schools

Hamtramck Public Schools (HPS) is a public school district based in the city of Hamtramck, Michigan (USA) in Greater Detroit. The district has the Schools of Choice program, which allows non-district students to enroll in district schools.

Minds Matter Detroit

Minds Matter connects driven and determined students from low-income families with the people, preparation, and possibilities to succeed in college, create their futures, and change the world. We are connecting with Minds Matter students who want to be tutors in Connect Me, and spreading each other's cause.

Dweebs Global

Dweebs Global provides free mentorship to everyone in need from career strategy to mental health. Their mentorship team is a robust community, driven by kindness and the pressing desire to make the world a brighter place. Similar to Connect Me, they are especially determined to improve education opportunities for disadvantaged populations.

Crescent Academy

The Crescent Academy offers instruction from Pre-Kindergarten through eighth grade, with instruction around the 4-core academic areas of English/Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Connect Me serves as a tutoring provider for Crescent Academy, helping students build positive academic skills and a bright future.

President's Volunteer Service Award

The President’s Volunteer Service Award is an opportunity to honor the most outstanding volunteers and recognize the impact they make. Connect Me has partnered with PVSA as a certifying organization, and will offer qualified volunteers the opportunity to apply for and receive the PVSA Award.