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By Nabiha Hoque

Collaboration is a very critical soft skill to be able to execute. Collaboration is when you work together with other individuals, brainstorming ideas, executing the project, etc. in order to complete the task assigned. It is the one soft skill that is most often mentioned as many employers value and need a team player.

You may be asking, “Why do I need to be a team player? I work better alone!” Well, to offer a rebuttal, although working well alone is a great asset being a team player can also benefit majorly. Not only will you have range in working well alone as well with others, but Collaboration enhances the way your team works together and problem solves. This can help encourage innovation and possibly a more efficient process; since you’ll have multiple people working together. Additionally, since there is more brainstorming, there’s an increased chance of success, and can help improve the group’s communication. Since you’ll have to work through the task together you’ll be listening and even learning from one another! (Which will ultimately help everyone reach their goals).

If you are a person who struggles with working with others, here are a few tips to help you flourish in that skill. 

  • Try to get everyone on the same page: with doing so, you are assured that everyone has the same thing in mind and can continue on the same path.
  • Set ground rules: although you have to be a team player, setting some ground rules can help aid conflict. For example, make sure everyone knows to communicate with mutual respect because everyone deserves to be heard in their ideas. 
  • Be flexible: keep in mind that there are different people working on the same task but everyone thinks differently, which isn’t a bad thing! Hear out someone when they have an idea because it can be promising to the project.
  • Complement when it’s appropriate: it can be nice and encouraging for people to hear that confirmation that they’re doing well. Not only will it uplift this work but it may also motivate others to up their game as well to get that same praise. 
  • Trust your teammates: it can be hard to sit back and have others do the work, especially when you’re used to doing it all yourself, but you need to have faith that they’ll do a good job too. This will help things move smoother and encourage certainty.

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