Connect Me Client Contract

By being a client of Connect Me and utilizing the free tutoring, mentoring, webinars, and other services, I acknowledge all of these guidelines:

  • I acknowledge that the student may not be accepted into Connect Me if the student does not fit at least one of the Connect Me Criteria.
  • I acknowledge that Connect Me reserves the right to cancel tutoring/mentoring at any time.
  • I acknowledge that Connect Me is 100% not liable for any legal complaints, and any and all issues must be brought upon to the tutor directly.
  • I acknowledge that I forfeit all legal rights and the ability to sue Connect Me, and cannot sue and take money from Connect Me.
  • I acknowledge that the Connect Me nonprofit organization is 100% not responsible for any problems a student may face during their session, and that tutors are directly held accountable.
  • I acknowledge that Connect Me does NOT provide assistance on tests, quizzes, or any other formal examination.
  • I will try to have the student attend his/her classes on time and be actively engaged.
  • I will try to let the Connect Me Executive Team (through [email protected]) or my tutor directly at least 24 hours in advance when the student is unable to attend a class.