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By Diksha L

After three years of launching Connect Me, our efforts have gained recognition with several articles featuring us on news websites and channels. Most recently, the organization has been featured on the state news for Wisconsin and Alabama.

Eau Claire, Wisconsin is a hotspot for both tutors and students for Connect Me. WEAU-13 featured the organization on a morning segment of Hello Wisconsin on the morning of January 24th, 2024. Hasini Anand, Connect Me’s secretary, shared her insights as a tutor for the organization during her interview. Mehmet Tascioglu, the founder and chair, also delved deeper into the process of the startup. The recording of the segment can be watched on the website: 

A little over a month later, Talk of Alabama also featured Connect Me on the morning of March 1st. Mehmet Tascioglu was interviewed during this news segment and spoke about the process of starting up Connect Me as well as providing insights into the organization’s journey. He explained how it first started up as a paid business before the COVID-19 pandemic, but after the pandemic hit, he switched the company to a nonprofit organization. He provides some further details about his experiences and information about Connect Me in the news segment. The recording can be accessed on the ABC3340 website:

The recent features of Connect Me on state news platforms in Wisconsin and Alabama mark significant milestones in our journey. As Tascioglu says in his Alabama news interview, “We love recruiting tutors from all across the country and world,” and “I think that we’re gonna keep growing and bringing in more students until every single student who needs support [can get the support they need.]” We have goals to reach 10,000 students by the end of 2024 and with the organization’s dedication, impact, and spreading our footprint across the nation, we are well on our way to achieving that goal.

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