Connect Me Tutor Contract

By being a member of Connect Me, I acknowledge and will follow all of these guidelines:

  • I will communicate and be honest with the Connect Me Executive Board.
  • I will not harass, threaten, or belittle a student.
  • I will attend all sessions on time, including scheduled tutoring sessions and the biweekly meetings, or have an excused absence.
  • I will check my Remind frequently or turn on notifications for the app for communication purposes.
  • I will appear presentable in front of my student (cameras on, proper dress, stable environment).
  • I will notify the Executive Board about any unusual events during my tutoring sessions.
  • I will not ask the student for payment (aside from donating at and will not tutor any present or former Connect Me student outside of Connect Me.
  • I will not communicate to my student or the student’s parents about other topics aside from their Connect Me sessions.
  • I will do my very best to be an awesome tutor and an awesome human!