Setting School Year Goals

September 18, 2022

Setting School Year Goals

By: Nabiha Hoque

As the new school year begins, it’s important to remember what you want to achieve throughout the school year. Whether it be reading more, getting active, or even making sure you pass all your classes, these are all things that help you stay on track for a successful year! Let’s break down what we can do to set proper goals.

First, evaluate things you did well last year and things you could do better at. Based on this, you can concur on what goal you should follow in order to be the best version of your academic self you can be. Make sure that the goal follows the “SMART Goal” standard.

(S)pecific: define your goal in detail, be as specific as possible

(M)easurable: describe how you will achieve your goal

(A)ttainable: make sure your goal is realistic and achievable

(R)elevant: ensure your goal is results oriented

(T)ime-bound: set a clear deadline and make sure to monitor your progress

Another thing you can do is make a mood board! Tons of people make mood boards in order to help them achieve their goals/ wants in life. It’s a very simple but fun procedure where you find specific pictures of what you want to accomplish in the year, and you put them down on a board/paper. The more you manifest and work at what you have on that mood board, the better your chances are of being a success! Remember, dreaming is believing, but working is achieving. Believe in yourself and your goal but work at that goal to complete it.