November 28, 2021


When first signing up as a student of Connect Me, the initial reason many students sign up is to help them with schoolwork. However as time goes on, many students notice many other benefits that come along with being a student in Connect Me! Here is a list of 5 benefits that come with being a Connect Me student:

  1. Furthering your education! While you learn a lot at school, sometimes the concepts you learn can be difficult to master or unclear. While being tutored at Connect Me, you get the opportunity to master these concepts and clear up any confusion. Additionally, the one on one time with you tutor makes sure that the lessons are catered to your specific needs
  2. Getting one on one education! When being tutored through Connect Me, you get work one on one with a tutor. This ensures that lessons are being catered to you and you are able to go as slow or as fast as you need. Getting this one on one time enables you to learn concepts faster as there is more interaction between the tutor and the student as compared to large class sizes in school.
  3. Increase your grades! While being tutored through Connect Me, you are able to master more concepts that may be challenging otherwise. With the mastery of more concepts, your school grades will increase because you are learning and understanding more! Who doesn’t want their grades to get better?!? This is a great added benefit about getting tutoring through Connect Me.
  4. Meeting a great role model! The tutors of Connect Me are carefully selected through an application and interview process. This means that the tutors are the best of the best. While being mentored by these tutors, you are able to make connections with your tutor and have a great role model and resource to help you through your academic career!
  5. Getting tutoring from anywhere! With Connect Me tutoring you are able to be tutored wherever you are. Connect Me is home to students from all over the United States as well as many different countries! How cool is that?!? Additionally, you can have your tutoring session in any space that works for you. If you want to be tutored from the comfort of your own home you are able to, or if you would rather be tutored from the library you can do that too!

By: Meg Roney