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Fairness is critical in our everyday lives. Sometimes people are not sure of ways to use fairness, however, there are so many easy ways to make sure we are treating everyone fairly. Here are some ways to incorporate fairness into your everyday life:

1. Keep an open mind-In order to treat others with fairness, we must try to understand the perspective and ideas of others without immediately shutting them down. When we immediately shut someone/something down because we don’t agree, we are not giving them a fair chance. It is important to hear everyone’s opinions, ideas, and perspectives in a fair manner.

2. Take turns-If we don’t take turns doing things with others, then not everyone gets an equal chance. Everyone gets an equal chance to do something by taking turns, no matter whether it is doing an activity or just having a conversation. Because of this, taking turns creates fairness.

3. Play by the rules-Whether it’s a game or a task we set out to do, it is important that we follow the rules. If we do not follow the rules, it makes it unfair for the people we are playing with because it may give us an advantage. This advantage is unfair towards the other player(s) because they do not get this advantage, so they are put at a disadvantage.

Now that we know how to demonstrate fairness in our daily lives, let’s look at some influential figures who have demonstrated this fairness throughout their careers.

1. John Legend-In 2007 John Legend started the Show Me Campaign where he expanded health care, provided clean water, and supported entrepreneurs in Africa. Through this campaign, John Legend worked to bring fairness to Africaand give them the same opportunities as many other people have around the world!

2. Jennifer Lopez-Jennifer Lopez created the Maribel Foundation with her sister where they gave access to healthcare to women and children if they were not able to afford it. By paying for their healthcare, Jennifer Lopez created fairness by allowing people to get the same medical attention as others.

3. Eva Longoria-In 2002, Eva Longoria created Eva’s Heroes. This organization provided many programs that enriched the lives of those with intellectual special needs. By providing this program, Eva Longoria created fairness by giving those with special new opportunities where they can thrive.

By: Meg Roney

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