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I bet you’ve been told to “be responsible” countless times. It can be tiring to hear. Trust us, we know but, we must admit that responsibility is a must-have. Let’s backtrack and start from the beginning. What is responsibility and why is it important? Here’s a guide to the whats and whys of December’s trait of the month, responsibility.

What is responsibility?

As defined by the dictionary, responsibility is the state of being responsible, answerable, or accountable for something within one’s power, control, or management. When it comes to responsibility, one has to remember what their obligations are and who or what they are responsible for. It can be quite confusing so, to clear things up, let’s give an example.

Say your friend asked you to watch her bag while she left and went to the restroom. The moment you accept this task is the moment you take responsibility for that bag to make sure it isn’t stolen or lost. You have an obligation not only to the bag but to your friend to make sure that her belongings remain intact. So in this situation, responsibility is when to keep an eye out for the bag and you make sure the bag is still with you when your friend returns from the restroom.

Why is responsibility important?

.           When we take accountability for our actions, when we stay true to our obligations and make sure to accomplish whatever we’ve promised, we’re being responsible. Learning to be a responsible person is a milestone in one’s life as responsibility can greatly improve relationships with family and friends as well as lessen the stress and chaos life may cause.

            Through responsibility, we are able to better manage our time and balance out our lives. Moreover, it provides us with a sense of purpose and purpose is what keeps us keeping on. So, when you have a test, we hope that you do the responsible thing and study. When you’re too overworked, please do the responsible thing and rest. It can help us take care of ourselves while achieving our goals in life.

The Takeaway

            It’s tough to be responsible. We might be held accountable for small things such as not losing your ballpen while in class. We might be responsible for huge things such as our future careers, our future success. Responsibility often feels as if you’re Atlas carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders; but, we must remember to be responsible as it is this trait that organizes our life and provides us with purpose. It is a challenge but it is a worthwhile one. After all, the benefits you gain once you learn to be responsible far outweighs the cons. Once you master the secrets of a responsible person, you can grow and live a better life. As Allanah Hunt once said, it is only when you take responsibility for your life that you discover how powerful you truly are.

By: Moira Du

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