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Written by Moira Du and Nabiha Hoque

It’s been a year. That’s 12 months. 365 days. If you really want to be specific, 8,760 hours. That’s a lot of time. Given that year, you’d expect us to have done a lot of things. Fortunately, we have.

Call us repetitive but we feel the need to start this report with a reminder. It is that Connect Me’s goal has always been to create a community where anyone and everyone can grow, where tutors can become better individuals, and tutees can get the help they deserve for free. Another year has passed. Another 12 months or 365 days gone.  What have we achieved? Have we become the world’s number one organization offering free online tutoring? Not quite yet. But, that doesn’t mean we aren’t getting there.

What has Connect Me done so far?

As Connect Me has been working hard to expand its community, it was a great achievement when we hit $200,000 worth of free tutoring provided, meaning we’ve tutored over 10,000 sessions since our founding. We are proud to say we were able to help many students with their tutoring needs with hopefully more to come.

Throughout the year we also hoped to make more connections with different schools and organizations. One great example is when we partnered with Oakman Elementary to help tutor their students for the entire year. This was in order to prep and assist them in raising their standardized test scores.

Not only have we helped so many students but, we also opened two new departments this year called the Media Committee and Admissions Committee. This was a great contribution to the team as we have been able to be more efficient and were able to bring in more students/ tutors. Alongside the Media Committee, we opened an Instagram that brought in activities such as Stat Saturdays and Trivia Thursdays. These posts have increased viewings and insights into our community. Another addition to the Media Committee was the Connect Me blog. (Aka the one’s writing this post right now!) Media blog writers provide tutors, students, and families with refreshing takes on how to be a successful student and person with tons of useful tips and tricks!

We are also pleased to announce that we were able to hold a wide variety of webinars this past year! Some of the webinars are college application webinars, black history month webinars, financial investment webinars, and research Internship webinars. We were also able to host three game nights for our tutors to enjoy and have fun in! 

The Takeaway

As proud as we are of our accomplishments this past year, we believe there is always room for improvement. Thus, we hope to do even better next year and reach more people. We hope to increase the number of hours we’ve offered free tutoring, partner with even more schools and organizations, and reach more people.

Connect Me was created with the goal of helping in mind. Our ‘why’ is the people in need of help. It is our whys that continue to give us the motivation to do better the following year.

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