Best Tools for Creating a Comprehensive Curriculum

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When you’re tutoring, creating a personalized, effective curriculum is the most vital part of your job. You want to make sure that your students are able to achieve their academic goals. How? By creating a comprehensive curriculum that works towards what they want to attain.

In this article, we’ll go over some of the best tools for creating a comprehensive curriculum.

What is a curriculum?

A curriculum is a study plan. It is a set of planned lessons to achieve a certain standard or academic goal. Teachers who work in schools create curriculums based on the general standard for students at the age they’ll be teaching. Most tutors, especially those that offer 1-on-1 tutoring, offer a more personalized curriculum. More often than not, these tutors tailor-make curriculums in order to target the areas the student struggles in.

Best Tools for Creating a Comprehensive Curriculum

Creating a comprehensive curriculum is important if you want to be a good tutor. Here are a few tools you can make use of to create a comprehensive curriculum.

  • EduDesign Hub

EduDesign Hub has tons of great features but the reason why many educators choose this curriculum planner is because of how interactive it is. Incredibly easy to use, EduDesign Hub has pre-built templates and allows you to track your students’ success.

Unfortunately, this is not free. You’ll have to pay a little over $100 per month; however, if you’re dedicated to your craft and to helping your student achieve their needs, this might be an investment worth looking into.

  • CurricuPlanner

This tool is a very user-friendly space that allows you to collaborate with other educators and create curriculums with a specific timeline consisting of benchmarks you want you and your students to achieve. You can even have access to analytical tools to map your students and their progress.

Much like EduDesign hub, you’ll need to pay a monthly fee of a $120 but the tools you’ll have access to is well worth the expense.

  • Google

If you’re not looking for anything too extra or fancy, Google will do just fine. With an arsenal of useful applications such as Sheets for tracking your student’s grades and progress and Google Docs to create great curriculums, you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars a month.

Google Docs will serve as a great way for you to document your lesson plans and what you want to target with your student. Google Presentation will help you create comprehensive presentations for each lesson all for absolutely nothing.

The Takeaway

Curriculum planning is a craft you need to master if you want to be an effective tutor. The great thing is, you have tools at your disposal should you need that extra help. Goodluck tutoring!

By Moira Du

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