Connect Me’s 4th Annual College Applications Webinar

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One thing that Connect Me offers to its members is the collection of webinars. Earlier this month, Connect Me hosted its annual College Applications Webinar for the fourth time since it launched as a nonprofit. Three rising college freshmen discussed the key components of a college application. They went into detail by advising on academics, extracurriculars, college essays, and more.

The speakers who were invited to speak for the webinar were Brooke Quintana, Nathan George, and Samarah Saggers.

Brooke is a senior from Tampa, Florida, and will attend Georgia Tech this fall where she will study Aerospace Engineering. She joined Connect Me back in 2021 and has served on the Season 4 Executive Board as the Director of Operations.

Nathan is a senior from Northville, Michigan, where Connect Me started its early roots. He will attend the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business, where he will study Finance and potentially double in Business Analytics.

Samarah is a senior from Woodhaven, Michigan. She will attend Yale in the fall where she will study Computer Science and Psychology with a certificate in Spanish.

These high-achieving students gave Connect Me members some insight and advice on the college application process. The advice they gave was things they used for their applications, in terms of academics, extracurriculars, and college essays, which got them into some of the most elite schools in the United States. The webinar was very open-ended, where the audience was given the privilege to ask questions to the speakers. Each question was answered with proper detail, ensuring that all students got a comprehensive understanding of the topics they asked about. This helped students have a clear grasp of the topics discussed by the end of the webinar.

Aarav Shah, Connect Me’s Director of Media and the Chair of the Media Department, is currently a Computer Science student at Georgia Tech. He and Brooke both served on the Season 4 Executive Board and look forward to seeing each other in college. Aarav attended this webinar and mentioned that the most helpful piece of advice was making the growth stories. He did the same during his college application process and experienced good results.

Connect Me wishes the best to the rising high school seniors with their college applications and everyone else who will apply for college after high school. The webinar recording can be found on the College Treehouse YouTube channel. This College Applications Webinar is hosted by Connect Me annually, and it is potentially one of the most beneficial factors of Connect Me that its members may find.

Author: Diksha Lal


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