College Applications: Parents and How They Can Help Their Teens Succeed

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By Moira Du

Though one might think the upcoming college application season is far away, it really isn’t. This is the perfect time for many students, specifically incoming seniors, to begin preparing and finalizing their resumes to build a strong application. This summer is going to be the last free months before college applications begin so making use of this opportunity is a must. As a parent, how can you help your teen succeed in the upcoming college application season?

3 Ways Parents Can Help During the College Application Process

  • Always ask your child what they want and work towards that.

It’s incredibly important to recognize that this is your child’s life and your child’s future. It is not yours. Therefore, you must always ask your child what they want. That will be the goal you work towards. Forcing your own goals on your child will create a frustrating, stressful environment for them and may sever your relationship with your child. You must remember to be open-minded and always take into account your child’s wants and needs. You are their guide – not the person who will be living their life.

  • Help with research.

Research is vital in the college application process. Teens may find the amount of options overwhelming. With thousands, if not millions, of Google search results, how will you know which to follow? What information to take into account? This is what you should help your child with. Research some good courses they’re interested in and the universities that may offer them. Compile a list of requirements.

Standardized testing is also something you should look into. Creating a college application master file to organize all the information you find will help your child tremendously as they go through this process.

  • Arrange campus visits.

Once you’ve narrowed down the list of potential universities, it is time to arrange campus visits. To do so, visit the university’s website. Most universities should have a tab on their website where you can book a campus visit. Doing so as early as possible is a must to avoid spots getting filled.

The Takeaway

College application season is a highly stressful time. Helping your child through this process will lift great pressure from their shoulders. Goodluck!

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