Connect Me Board of Directors & 2022-2023 Exec Board

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In June 2022, Connect Me established its Board of Directors, its central governing body that will oversee the Executive Board and the entire organization. The Board of Directors will focus on high-level strategy and development, along with assuming financial responsibilities for the nonprofit. Members of the Connect Me Board of Directors are all former Connect Me Senior Executive Board Members above the age of 18.

Current Board of Directors:

Mehmet Tascioglu (Founder & Past President)

Kaustuv Mukherjee (Past Vice President)

Camille Johnson (Past Director of Communications)

Meghana Ramoju (Past Director of Applications)

The Connect Me Executive Board has also renewed for the 2022-2023 term. The Executive Board now consists of the following members:

President: Akul Gunukula

Vice President: Nivedita Ravi

Secretary: Ritvik Ellendula

Director of Partnerships: Emir Tascioglu

Director of Operations: Nivedita Ravi

Director of Media: Abhi Attaluri

Connect Me wishes the Board of Directors and Executive Board a successful season!

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