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By Nabiha Hoque

Self-motivation is a soft skill that many people aren’t aware of when it comes to the work environment or even the real world. Let’s talk about it! I think it goes without saying that we need self-motivation to push ourselves into doing things. Even if we don’t want to. Take me for an example, this summer for me is filled with events, classes, and other services. Sometimes it can be too much and I lack the motivation in doing my daily tasks. In fact, I procrastinated writing this very blog post by sleeping for three hours! I’m telling you this in order to be real and let you know that I understand – I get it. Keeping up with tasks can be hard and sometimes you just need a break. But that’s okay! After that break, you gotta bounce back and show life who’s boss! And self-motivation will be your best friend when it comes to this.

It is a competitive world we’re living in and that’s why self-motivation is so crucial. Self-motivation allows you to keep going, even during setbacks, to conquer new opportunities and overcome obstacles! This motivation comes from within and many find it hard to complete everyday tasks or goals without it- which is why it’s so important to remember how to use it to your advantage and keep it there. Here are some tips that may give you an upper hand!

  • Plan for setbacks.

Setbacks happen unexpectedly but you should expect them! Try not to let it push you down too much as you can always overcome them with a little hard work or help from your peers.

  • Reward yourself.

Any sort of accomplishment, no matter how big or small deserves a reward! You worked hard for what you achieved, so give yourself that pleasure in knowing “I did it. I really did it.”.

  • Set small goals.

Setting big goals is always great and a must but having small goals can help you get to that bigger milestone that you want to reach.

  • Start your mornings with positive affirmations.

It may seem silly at first but just try it! When you wake up and get ready in front of the mirror, tell yourself things like “I am successful”, “I am confident”, and “I am strong and unstoppable.”. Watch as your mindset changes.

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