Connect Me’s Goals for the 2024-2025 Year

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Now that Season 5 of Connect Me is underway, we expect phenomenal growth and expansion within the organization. Ritvik Ellendula was recently appointed as the new Season 5 President by the Board of Directors, and he is leading with some exciting words of his own.

Ellendula explains that describing his emotions as ecstatic would be an understatement when he found out that he was appointed as President. “I think the part that I was most proud of was having the BOD believe that I would be able to lead this organization to new heights, and I want to exceed their expectations through empowering anyone and everyone like they did for me,” he explains.

Connect Me has larger-than-large potential, and with 3 years of progress and making a mark, Ritvik has some exciting goals for the organization this new season.

One goal he looks forward to achieving during his time as President is promoting innovation. He hopes to innovate in terms of technological integration. His drive for doing so is to make Connect Me the number 1 free student-run tutoring nonprofit organization.

He plans on reaching these goals through organization and accountability. “Of course, it’ll be a large ordeal, but I think with proper organization and communication, we will together be able to empower our next generation.”

When asked what his expectations are for Connect Me, his answer can be easily characterized as distinctive. “Frankly, my expectations are unlimited. With the team, be it the executive board, our department members, and our tutors, I’m confident that we can accomplish anything that we set our minds on!”

To say that Ritvik’s ambition, passion, and drive for Connect Me is through the roof is even more an understatement than his “ecstatic” feeling when he was selected as President. Ritvik has been involved with Connect Me since he met the minimum age requirement, and has been tutoring and helping expand the organization since. The BOD has a history of having the talent to identify the perfect people to appoint for such positions, and with Ritvik as President, there is no doubt these goals will be reached.


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