Part-Time Jobs in High School: A No or a Go?

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By Moira Du

A lot of high school students have part-time jobs. It’s become the norm in many Western countries. The problem is, what if these part-time jobs are detrimental to high school students? After all, with extracurriculars and keeping your grades up, with college applications and a social life, will juggling a part-time job really be good for your teenager?

In this article, we’ll go over whether part-time jobs as a high schooler are a no or a go.

Should my child be working part-time jobs in high school?

Around 47.9 percent of high school students have part-time jobs in high school. The question is, should your child join this statistic or focus on school? It is generally recommended that your child find a part-time job. Part-time jobs teach your teenager proper skills such as communication, competence, and being a reliable employee. They will also learn to be financially adept and understand the importance and value of money.

There are certain circumstances that will suggest otherwise, however. For instance, if your child is already struggling with school and finding it difficult to get their grades up, it would be wise to put a part-time job on the backburner and allow them to focus on that. Instead, they can work in the summer where they don’t have to take time away from school. It all depends on what you feel your teenager is capable of, what they can take, and what they want to do.

Great Part-Time Jobs for High School Students

With that being said, where can your child work? What are your great part-time jobs they can apply for?

  • Restaurant Industry

The restaurant industry is typically what most high school students choose to part-time in. There are lots of job opportunities within this industry. From a barista in a local cafe to a waitress/waiter in a restaurant, finding a job in the restaurant industry is a great choice for a part-time job. Here, someone can learn to be competent, to communicate with people, work in a team, and other important skills.

  • Tutor

A tutor is another great opportunity. Your child is already learning things in school. Why not help others learn similar topics? Being a tutor in a subject that your child is great at is a great money-making opportunity that also helps them reinforce their skill in said subject.

  • Camp Counselors

Camp counselors are particularly of value in the summer. Many camps look for high school students to help them manage the children that will be attending their summer programs. They’ll learn patience and how to adapt to problems quickly.

The Takeaway

Part-time jobs are great learning opportunities. While it depends entirely on your child’s situation and how much they can handle on their plate, this is definitely something they should be looking into as a high school student and something you can help them with.

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