Engaging Your Tutees: How You Can Grab Your Students’ Attention

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By Moira Du

Tutor requires being able to engage your students. You have to be able to keep their attention and make sure that they listen to you and what you have to teach them. The thing is, this is much easier said than done. To engage your students and be able to not only grab but keep their attention, you have to do certain things. In this article, we’ll go over how you can do just that.

How can you be more engaging as a tutor?

  • Incorporate games and activities.

    Incorporating games and activities is a simple way to make your lesson much more fun for the person you’re tutoring. The games and activities may vary depending on the age of your student. For instance, a fun ‘this or that’ game may work for any age while some online addition games may only work for students struggling with that topic. It’s entirely up to you what games and activities you include but, this is a must-have in most of the lessons you’ll be having with your student.

    • Use a light, almost humorous tone.

      The tone in which you speak to them is also important. Talking to a younger child with a less serious tone, for instance, can help you come across as engaging and welcoming rather than monotone and intimidating. Talking to your students as if they are almost peers may help you in this case.

      • Talk to your students about other things.

      Ask your student about their daily life. These questions don’t have to be that personal. Rather, you can ask them about the food they ate that day, what their favorite color is, and the like. People love talking about themselves and incorporating some getting-to-know-you questions in parts of your tutoring session is not only a great way to bond with your student but a great way to be more fun and engaging.

      The Takeaway

      While keeping your students engaged with the topic at hand isn’t necessarily the easiest thing to do, it is not impossible. Make your tutoring sessions much more fun for you and your tutee by incorporating some of the tips I’ve mentioned above. Have a good tutoring session!

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