July 20, 2021


While sometimes cooperating may be tough, the use of cooperation is essential in order to work well with others. Cooperation doesn’t have to be a big gesture that takes a lot of effort, it can be as small as being kind, listening, and taking others' ideas into account. There are many easy ways to cooperate with people:

  1. Ask for others' opinions! While you may have a great idea, it is important to listen to everyone's ideas and perspectives. You never know if they have a different approach or something that will make your idea even better! Listening to the opinion of others can also help you see things in a way that you may not have and inspire new ideas!
  2. Be enthusiastic! Being enthusiastic is a great way to get excited about what you are working on and help get others excited. Enthusiasm is a great way to make working with others more fun as well as brightening everyone's day!
  3. Show gratitude! Working with others isn’t always easy, that is why it is important to show gratitude when people show cooperation. Showing gratitude to others is a great way to let people know that their cooperation doesn’t go unnoticed and is appreciated. Never forget to thank people for their hard work and cooperation whenever given the chance!

            As I listed above, there are many simple ways that can make cooperating with people easier. There are many influential figures that use these strategies in order to demonstrate good cooperation skills. Being an influential figure comes with having to work with a lot of people, including people that may be hard to work with.

  1. The Wright brothers. Wilbur and Orville Wright worked together the majority of their lifetimes. In the beginning, they worked together fixing bicycles. However, their most influential work was making a fixed-wing aircraft possible to fly. In order to do this, the Wright brothers had to work together more than most siblings. As many people know, it is very easy to get into arguments with siblings, however the Wright brothers used cooperation in order to collaborate and help change the world.
  2. Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield. Who doesn’t love ice cream? Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield came together over their love of icecream to create the ice cream brand “Ben and Jerry’s” that many people know and love today! While starting a business can be hard on your own, working directly with another person can add even more complications. Cohen insisted that the ice cream had to have a chunky texture and Greenfield insisted that the ice cream had to be rich in flavor. The two came together using their great cooperation skills to create ice cream like no other!

            While it may not always be fun, working with people is a key part in everyday life. Cooperating by using the skills above can help make working with people easier. You never know what you can create with others! Take the Wright brothers or Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield for instance, they used their cooperation skills to create things that many people use and enjoy today. Practicing cooperation will make it much easier to work with others and even fun!

By Meg Roney