December 11, 2022


By Nabiha Hoque

Organization is one of the most important skills to know how to utilize. Keeping yourself organized can nor only increase your productivity but also reduce your stress level. When you have everything planned out and set in place you know exactly what to do, when to do it. That in return will help you meet your deadlines, be on time, and work at a steady pace. Though organization comes naturally to some people, many individuals have a hard time keeping track of their tasks and fall into a cycle of procrastination! This is a common case but in order to ensure you break out of this cycle and into a good habit of being organized, here are some tips to get you going:

  • Use a planner: Using a planner is a great way to start off with placing your tasks on paper. With a planner you’re able to show yourself every responsibility you have and when it’s due. This can help you plan out when to do it as it works with time management.
  • Set goals: Setting short term goals can help you set steps with your duties within a timeline. This can help you organize your work into more feasible tasks.
  • Clear up clutter: Having a clear work space can be a major game changer. When you have a clean environment to work with, you are more likely to be comfortable and it keeps staying productive much easier. 
  • Practice accountability: It’s good to regularly check in with yourself in order to help you improve your performance. Ask yourself, am I staying on track? What do I need to pay more attention to? What did I miss?
  • Limit distractions: I know I know, it should be an obvious one but a lot of people find it difficult to stick with this one. Set aside your   phone or try to find a quiet place to work. Remember, it’ll only benefit you in the end because you’re able to maintain your focus. 
  • Take breaks: Giving yourself time to rest and recharge is crucial when it comes to being organized. If you’re not giving your body the proper rest, you might tend to slack off. Taking breaks can help you stay motivated to complete your task over a longer period of time. Which is better than trying to complete it all at once.. Which can lead to burn out. 

Be kind to yourself, try your best, and be proud of your progress. Organization is your friend.