Innovation: How You Can Shape the Future

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By Moira Du

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably heard of popular inventions such as Google Chrome and Microsoft. You might even be using them everyday. Think of how these inventions have improved the world and how you live your life. Now think, what if you could make the next Google? 

It’s definitely not impossible. All you need is a little creativity and a lot of innovativeness and hard work. Let’s deal with innovation for now. Here’s how you can shape the future.

What is innovation?

Innovation is the reason why we’ve progressed as a society. For instance, we have Google and Microsoft because of innovative people who not only thought of such inventions but persevered and made these ideas a reality.

How can you use innovation in a team setting?

Now that you have an idea of what innovation is, here’s how you can use the trait in a team setting.

  1. Never limit yourself.

When you limit yourself and only allow yourself to think within solid walls, you’re limiting what you can do. What if you could’ve thought of a better plan if you reached for the stars? In order to properly use your innovativeness, you shouldn’t limit yourself or what you can do.

  1. Take every challenge and go beyond what is expected.

Don’t tell yourself you can’t do something without trying it out first. Take every challenge and go beyond what you thought you could do. 

Allow yourself to see what you can change, how you can change it, and believe in yourself enough to successfully implement that change.

  1. Think creatively.

Most importantly, think creatively. Do you have a problem? How do you solve that problem in the most efficient way possible? The solution may not always be the most obvious one. There’s a more creative solution that offers better or faster results.

The Takeaway

In fostering your innovativeness,  your allowing yourself to think outside of the box. You’re not working within walls. You’re working with no limits so you can reach maximum results. If you’re innovative, you’re also able to work through challenges, think of solutions, and get right back on track.

Innovation will help you excel no matter what you do and where you are. Set a goal for yourself and be innovative in terms of how you achieve that goal.

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