Why Should You Become a Tutor for Connect Me?

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By Nabiha Hoque

Tutoring students at Connect Me is a pivotal experience to many who decide to help guide young individuals that don’t have the proper resources to help themselves. Ritvik, one of our tutors at Connect Me, tells us one of his favorite experiences with tutoring a student was when the student exclaimed “OHHH!” after struggling with a topic for so long. These little moments of joy make helping the community all the more rewarding. Not only this but providing assistance to low income families that are not able to afford tutoring, is an integral part of these young kids’ lives. If they’re struggling with something at school, they know they can come home and get help without any worry of money or going to a certain destination.  

Tutoring with Connect Me offers high school students opportunities to get involved in the community and with those around them. With this experience you’re able to gain lifelong expertise like communication, collaboration, and other soft skills! Fostering these new relationships shows initiative and integrity for your community, which in turn not only feels good but can help you get ahead in service hours. Not to mention it can help you improve your own academic skills since you’re teaching information to someone else. 

Now you might be a little nervous to become a part of such a substantial opportunity but rest assured there will be leaders to guide you along the way. This ever-growing community Connect Me is filled with several other high school students who are in a similar position! Working for this free online tutoring service and simply giving back to the community will change the way you view the world around you.. so what are you waiting for? There are kids who need you! 

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