What You Need to Know About Innovation

November 13, 2022

What You Need to Know About Innovation

By Ritvik Ellendula

Innovation Defined 

What first comes to mind upon hearing the word “innovate”? Many people think of new devices and seemingly magical products, and this represents a near-perfect definition! Innovation describes the concept of creating new ideas and in a sense entails “inventiveness”. For instance, as an innovative student, a person studies in unique and creative ways that either they created or expanded. Innovation refers to a quality a person possesses, and many leaders embody the idea of innovation. Innovation proves vital in everyday life, because innovation fuels efficiency. Brainstorming and coming up with innovative ideas, leads to more time available and faster processing. In fact, many famous products arose as a result of widespread innovation.

Famous innovators 

Throughout history, many innovators possess great deals of fame, due to the impact of their innovations. For example, Thomas Edison classifies as an innovator, especially with the renowned lightbulb. As Thomas Edison shows well, innovators commonly face initial struggle. The story of Thomas Edison truly displays this, with him overcoming countless obstacles in his way, and facing several ordeals in the journey of creating the esteemed lightbulb. 

Henry Ford, another innovator with a worldwide effect, created the assembly line, a critical device to today’s society. While Ford did not invent the first automobile, he developed an advanced process to mass produce cars. If he did not manufacture this revolutionary invention, the production time of cars would experience a drastic increase. Also, similar to the production time, the price of cars may have risen as well if not for Henry Ford. 


Regarding benefits, innovation truly holds benefits in two areas. First, in business. Second, in personal life. 

Personal Life 

  • Increased productivity
  • Increased efficiency 
  • Job Promotions
  • Increased purpose


  • More profits
  • Cut costs
  • Better Margins 
  • Increased competitiveness

How to Become Innovative

Luckily, environmental factors contain an inherent impact on innovativeness. In order to increase your levels of innovation, competition is critical. Competition serves as a tool for growth. In doing so, it forces innovation. Another natural way to become more innovative is to simply walk outside in nature. In fact, many renowned thinkers used this method of creativity, showing its effectiveness 

Innovation cements itself as an integral element of productivity. Increasing innovation sets off an extreme chain reaction, resulting in improved quality of life.